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Mr. Chow Ting Kwan, Rowland

Mr. Rowland Chow was admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong in 1980.  He was a partner of Messrs. Ng & Lee from 1984 to 1985 and subsequently became a partner of Messrs. Chow, Griffiths & Chan from 1985 to 1997.  Mr. Chow is one of the founding members of the firm and is now a senior partner.

Mr. Chow holds a master's degree in law and has extensive experience in conveyancing, banking, securities, international commercial transactions, international insolvency, security and credit.   He was former legal advisor of Wing Lung Bank Ltd. (December 1993 to November 1997), before assuming the role of legal advisor of Wing Hang Bank Ltd. (November 1997 to May 2001).  For the past twenty years, he has conducted numerous legal lectures and seminars for bankers and insurance companies (including Hong Kong – PRC cross border financial arrangement as well as the new PRC Property Act seminars, etc.)  He is currently in charge of the conveyancing, corporate, banking and insurance departments of the firm and leads a capable team to provide legal advice to a number of the local banks and insurance companies on a regular basis.

Mr. Chow has been appointed by the Hong Kong Government to the post of committee member of the Complaint Committee of the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority for a consecutive period of 6 years.  He was also the committee member of the Complaint Committee of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority for almost 2 years.

For the past couple of years, Mr. Chow has focused on assisting local/PRC enterprises to secure public listings in Hong Kong so as to enabling them in achieving an international corporate perspective.

In December 2018, Mr. Chow was appointed a China-Appointed Attesting Officer by the Department of Judiciary of the People’s Republic of China.


(1) United Kingdom: 1 March 1984, Solicitor; and
(2) Australia: 6 May 1985, Barrister and Solicitor;