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In the past few years, Mr. Rowland Chow has endeavoured to explore PRC legal services market and especially interested in PRC- HK cross-border financial arrangement as well as public listing services to PRC corporation etc.

Mr. Simon Ng has extensive experience in PRC related legal work, having first acted for clients in PRC work over 20 years ago. We consider that this should be a growing area of practice, especially with the entry of PRC into the World Trade Organization and the fact that many of our Firm's potential clients have extensive PRC investment. In addition, Mr. Ng works closely with major law firms in the People's Republic of China and is thus able to provide the legal infra-structure necessary for Our Firm's clientele.

In 2015, we successfully associated with Fujian Jian Da Law Firm (Hong Kong), a Hong Kong branch office of a renowned PRC law firm from Fujian Province, China. The association would enable us to provide a one stop legal service for Hong Kong, Fujian, Shanghai and Taipei areas comprising the Greater China Circle in Asia.